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I have a set of your plans and am
impressed with the detail of your build/easy to follow instructions and a standard to aim for. I had so many questions up front but a lot are now answered and part of the journey is actually figuring it out yourself. I like the idea of the motor cycle fuel tank.

Jeff H. (Cairns, Queensland, Australia)

I bought this product and liked it. A Serious Guide to Building a VW Trike. Thanks for the great material. I liked very much. I'm still translating for the Brazilian potuguÍs. My dream is to make my own trike. And looking on YouTube, a trike produced by "trikelops" that particularly is one of the most beautiful in the world. Then he says your link....Big Yella.

Julio B. (Mondubin, Fortaleza, Brazil)

G'day Phil,

Received the guide section of the download and the album. Thank you very much for your prompt response. It is very refreshing and reassuring to receive great customer service in this day and age.

Pete Q. (Sale, Victoria, Australia)


Hi Phil,

I have to say to any inexperienced trike builders out there; if you haven't already started, then do yourself a big favour and stick to a well thought out, well instructed guide such as the Big Yella, because making it up as you go along involves a lot of extra trial and error, time and money and you will encounter plenty of "wrinkles", that would otherwise have already been ironed out for you by someone else....Phil in this case.

Aidan G. (Rep. of Ireland)

Hi Phil,

Great news, the CD arrived today, Tuesday. It's Fabulous. I can only liken it to an old masterpiece. You know what I mean. The more you look at it, the more detail is revealed. I highly recommend this guide to anyone who is any way interested in trikes or in building their own. They would be well advised to sit down and study the guide in depth before they even sweep out the garage in preparation. I have read and studied it in depth and now feel perfectly able to tackle this project with confidence......

Thank you Phil for an invaluable set of drawings.

Greatest regards, Terry P. (Knockavallig, Duagh, Listowel, Co Kerry, None, Ireland)

I'm from Oklahoma, USA and just ordered the CD on how to build Big Yella. I've looked at a lot of options on building a trike and came across Phils and decided that it was
a well planned and built trike. I like Phils fork concept and the frame.... I can see from the basic frame design one can let their own imagination go wild. I own a 2008 Harley Davidson and enjoy working on bikes and this is a project that I've always wanted to do and thanks to Phil I can make it happen.

Michael T. (McCloud, Oklahoma, USA)

Hi Phil:

I want to thank you for your support with the guide. It was above any support that I have ever received. This time it came through fine. Best to you.

Larry A. (Concord, Nebraska, USA)

Hi Phil,

Iím Alan from Malta. Thanks to you and your good care to show all the details on the CD off A Serious Guide to Build a VW Trike.


Itís just arrived and I spend a hole day watching the files up & down. Every body now would like to buy a very good guide. There is only 1, the BIG YELLA.  Thanks to PHIL PARRY.

Alan G. (St Venera, Malta)

Hi Phil,

Thank you for the download link. All went well as expected. From Monday I will be out in the country for two weeks with my Laptop studying the detail in my spare time. No work on the project though, but all in good time.

Thanks for the courtesy extended to me as well as the speedily response to my initial e-mail. It is much appreciated and recommendable.

Regards Sarel E. (Durban, Rep. South Africa)

Hello Phill,
Stuart here. Just got your email about the forum. Look forward to talking to you and others. I think (I know)
you have done a fantastic job of the BIG YELLA story from design through to the forum . You have helped me and probably many others to make a dream become a reality and for this I thank you very much. Would like to meet you personally one day........

Regards Stuart W. (Lindesfarne, Tas. Australia)

Hi Phil,

Downloaded the book and have already bound it into a workshop folder. From what I have read so far, you have done a good job. Thanks for the other information and the news on the forum. We are planning to collect all the bits first and then start on the project in late August.

Thanks Andrew W. (Portland, Victoria, Australia)

Well done Phil,

I got my CD last week - looks great! I am digesting what's involved. Kind regards from a rainy London (actually I'm about 40 miles north of London!)

Steve C. (Stotfold, Hitchin, Herts, United Kingdom)
Dear Phil,

Thanks for the excellent CD. It's got my brain working overtime. Cheap at that price.

Thanks again

Chris C. (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

Hello Phil

Received the CD today and it looks great at first glance.  I have purchased a number of items to build the trike, including a trike that is a write-off for the parts.  It looks like I have made the commitment to commence the build.  As you have gone through this process before it is a bit hard to source the parts I need in little old Tassy. 

Anyway thanks for
the CD it will be a great help. I will keep you up to date with my progress, but until then all the best.

Tony M. (Devonport, Tasmania, Australia)


My guide arrived today. Checked it out on the computer and I just have to tell you that it is Fantastic, Awesome, Great. You name it and that'll be it. I'm very pleased and look forward to building the American version of Big Yella.

Thanks Again.
Evil Ernie (Sellersburg, Indiana, USA)


Your CD is terrific. Would not have been able to start the trike without it. Progressing well. Dismantled a VW, engine now working on frame and brakes, etc. Would recommend this for anyone contemplating building a trike. Very good insight and pictures.


Darren F. (Stroud NSW Australia)

Hi Phil,

I have viewed your CD and it is great!   Everything you said and more. I can't wait to build one!

Thank You.

Dean S. (Bountiful, Utah, USA)

Hi Phil

Received the CD and printed it out ! I have taken some of the prints with me to work and cut some metal pieces out in my free time or after work!!! The info is great make things easier & cuts time immensely. Very well put together will recommend it to anyone. Its easy to follow with no dramas involved. .........

Regards Joseph X. (Greystanes, NSW, Australia)

Hello Phil,
The CD got to Bahrain, and it's a good one. The CD is nicely put together, pictures are clear as well as the instructions and I really appreciate the plans at the end. In summary, a very nice CD indeed, I am glad I have it. The project should be on its way in a couple of months, to get it on the road for summer 2008. I'll keep you updated, if you wish. Many thanks and very best regards.

Imre B. (Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain)

Hi Phil,

I received the CD and everything looks great! All the information, diagrams, and pictures will be very helpful with this project. I am wondering how the finished project rides/drives...we have a lot of curvy, mountain roads here, and ......I am in the process of trying to find a VW to convert and can't wait to get started! Thanks for making your experience and expertise available.

David H. (Parrotsville, Tennessee, USA)

Hi Phil,
Your answers are extremely helpful, and have opened the door much wider for me to start this ďGreat! Big YellaĒ project.  Thank you again for taking the time to listen and reply to my questions.

Pastor Dean F. (Toongabbie, NSW. Australia)

Hi there Phil,

Thank you very much for the swift delivery of the CD. I have had a look through it and I am very impressed, although I am not building at the moment this CD is going to be an enormous help if I ever decide to build. Once again thank you very much.

Regards and Respect

George A. (Kells, Ballymena, N. Ireland )


Have only just had the time to look at CD, Looks good so far and simple to follow. I have started the process of looking for a VW to destroy which is hard in Tassie. Congratulations on producing an easy to follow instruction manual.


Colin R. (Primrose Sands, Tas. Australia)

Hi Phil,

I have received your CD Thankyou. You have really done a great job on putting this together. I just have a question in regards to the front forks. What are the front shocks off; they look....

Andrew Mc. (Corrimal, NSW, Australia)

Hey Phil,
I received the CD 2 days after ordering it. I got it for my dad for Fathers Day, and he is VERY happy with it. Thank you!
 Rebecca B. (Mt. Tarampa, Qld. Australia)

Hi Phil,

I received your disc yesterday, fast delivery to good old Wales. What can I say, fabulous disc, full of all the information you could ever want, you have just reinforced my plans to complete this project which started 2 years ago but just faded away. The cutting and grinding discs were busy yesterday. Thank you, and I look forward to sending you some pics when completed.


Regards Mark S. (South Wales, United Kingdom)


I ordered my CD on (4-21-2007) received the CD  today (4-29-2007). Lots of good info. It will show me how to get started. I think it will be cool when I get this project done.

Brad H (Greenfield, Indiana, USA)

Hi Phil,

Received your CD and was buzzin' with anticipation of the contents. I have to say that one can not be disappointed with the info and photos that you can zoom right in on, top job. I have been working on a VW motor, box , irs rear, etc. to start my own trike to join on rides with mates. I've been searchin' the web for a bloody long time looking at trikes with a lot of head scratching. Upon finding your site and getting the cd, I have found many questions being answered (YAHOO!). Just a question - where did you get the 2 front shocks from 'cause the ones I've sourced look too heavy (spring) and longer, your's are nice and compact?

Thanks....Mike (Pukekohe, New Zealand)


I replied too soon. When I got home from work it was waiting in my mailbox.  I've just done a quick run through and it looks great.  I really like all the photos.  Definitely worth the money.  Thanks.  I do have one question, what type of welder do you have?  I need to buy one and ......

Thanks again it looks great.

Larry S. (Bismarck, North Dakota, USA)

Hello Phill
               Stuart here from TAS. Got your CD ok.
It looks great and very informative. At first I thought what the bloody hell am I taking on, but the more I studied it the more it sank in and the more it became clearer. Took me ages to find the check lists (I was looking in the wrong place). Look forward to hearing from you .

Stuart W. (Lindesfarne, Tas. Australia)

Hi Phil,
I received the CD and I'm just now getting a chance to go through it.
Pretty good! I really like what I've seen so far. I have a question about the steering head. Do you have any bushings or bushing washers between the steering head and the.... I appreciate you giving both metric and inches on the machining stuff. I'll keep in touch and again I thank you for all of the work you've put into this CD.

Lee R. (Okmulgee, Oklahoma, USA)

Hi Mate...CD turned up this morning (poor bugger forgot it on his deliveries yesterday)...excellent detail, well presented and great pics. Well worth 50 bucks.

After looking thru it is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to use a VW disc brake conversion ....
Thanks again Phil

Gene G. (Parkes, NSW. Australia)

Good Evening Phil,

I received the CD, in perfect condition. I have been through the complete assembly, I have found the CD to be of professional quality, well detailed and very informative, I will present my recommendations on the BTW site this evening.

Dominic V. (Pincourt, Quebec, Canada)

Hi Phil
(CD) arrived here faster than the space shuttle. Absolutely brilliant! You have covered everything in great detail and if I canít understand anything I will be sure to contact you. It is by far the best looking frame out there as I have been looking around and seen some shockers. Some of the earlier style bodied ones look like soap dishes gone wrong.
...might I add it is great to see someone who is eager to help others with the same interests instead of otherís who would treat any information as a national security secret. [you know what I mean]

Also your fiberglass section is excellent. For those with no fiberglass experience this is great as all the information you need to tackle this project is included. As a matter of fact, all sections were excellently resourced even down to the ADRíS for Australia. No doubt I will be talking with you later....

Graeme M. (One Mile, Qld., Australia)

Hi there Phil,

My Mother purchased the CD for me because she knew I wanted to build a trike and I need help with all aspects of it. I know this CD will be of great help.  It is of professional quality and content. Lots of pictures, which is a good thing. The transaction was smooth and quick. Phil is a great help and he replies to all my e-mails in a professional and timely manner.

We are happy with the CD and would recommend it to anyone taking on a trike building project.
Thank you again Phil, great work!
Joe (Cotati, California, USA)

(Extract from BTW site)

Good evening Folks,

I have come to the conclusion that trike building requires a lot of information, and technical assistance from a whole bunch of people, like the guys we find here. And we seem to always look for information on frame building and motor assembly etc.

Well I came across a web site a couple of weeks ago... I have purchased the CD, from Australia, and received it today.

The CD is of professional quality, it is very well presented, with tons of pictures, each step is well documented with pictures to assist. One section I found very interesting is the fiberglass fender making, great information, from the mock-up, to the plug, to the mold to the final product.

recommend this product to anyone, from the beginner to the intermediate, or for someone wondering if trike building was for them.


I did pay for this CD, I am not affiliated, in any way, shape or form to Phil Parry, or the Big Yella project, but figured that since
this type of information is hard to come by in this format, that it was worthwhile bringing it to the BTW members and non-members attention.

Dominic V. (Pincourt, Quebec, Canada)

Hey Phil,

The cd arrived on Monday a.m. Only got to check it out Wednesday evening as I've had to do an out of hours work.  You've done a great job producing the disc, congratulations and thanks heaps it is gonna help me out  immensely. I intend to go through it in more detail on the weekend, but on first glance it's great!

John B (Salisbury Park, S. Australia)

Dear Phil,
I received the extra info Thank you. A quick browse through the CD  shows it to be very informative and well written for someone like myself looking at building a trike  I currently own a 2002 xxxxx Highway model. I am looking at building one so that I can reduce the height at which the rear passenger sits. My wife finds it cold sitting so high in the winter. I have been a mechanic for nearly 46 years.......

John C. (Young, NSW. Australia)

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