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Donor Beetle (Photo 1)

The ugly duckling ready to be transformed into a VW Trike.

VW Sub-section removal (Photo 2)

The sub-section has been removed.

Customized VW 1600 trike engine (Photo 3)

The new engine all dressed up with a bit of bling.

Rear timber tray on trike (Photo 4)

   Some timber, twisted steel and chrome.


Front View of trike (Photo 5)

  100mm (4") HID driving lights.

Trikes leading link forks (Photo 6) width=

A 'leading link' front end. Strong, comfortable and easy to build.

Tank & Dashboard (Photo 7)

My nice FatBob tank, Harley Davidson dash and leather tank pouch. ( custom-made gauge console)

Side View of trike (Photo 8)

OK bartender...serve 'em up!

Full view of trike (Photo 9)

A thing of beauty! My Big Yella trike.