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VW Sub-section (Photo 1)

The sub-section has been removed and sand blasted to get rid of rust, grease, old paint, etc. Details in DIY Guide.

VW Sub-frame dismantled (Photo 2)

 The dismantled VW sub-section is now ready for the trikes frame tubes to be bent to shape and fitted. Details in DIY Guide.

Trike frame lay-out (Photo 3)

 Although the method is basic, the result is accurate as long as care is taken during set up. Details in DIY Guide.

Fitting frame tubes (Photo 4)

Fitting the trike frame tubes into the VW sub-section ready for welding. Details in DIY Guide.

Frame tube packing (Photo 5)

Levelling the tubes using steel packing. The left and right tubes MUST be correctly aligned for the steering head. Details in DIY Guide.

Trike frame blanking off plate (Photo 6)

A blanking plate is fitted to the trikes sub-section. Details in DIY Guide.

Trike frame taking shape (Photo 7)

Slowly the frame takes shape. If your trike frame is to be scrutineered by a compliance engineer, only tack welds should be used at this stage. Details in DIY Guide.

Front view of trike frame (Photo 8)

The key to final accuracy is to check, re-check and then check again. Details in DIY Guide.

Fitting steering head to frame (Photo 9)

Checking the steering head for perfect alignment prior to tack welding in place by using accurate, but simple methods. Details in DIY Guide.